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Flogging a Dead Horse

Door Jake Chapman e.a.

Flogging a Dead Horse
RubriekAlgemeen Kunst
TitelFlogging a Dead Horse. The Life and Works of Jake and Dinos Chapman
AuteurChapman, Jake & Dinos Chapman
BoektypeGebonden hardcover
Jaar van uitgave2011
UitgeverijRizzoli International Publications, New York
Samenvatting The definitive monograph, collecting twenty years of work by two iconoclastic and subversive contemporary British artists. Jake and Dinos Chapman's work has come to define the spirit and impact of a generation of contemporary artists we know as the YBAs. Taking many forms across many mediums, from major installations to miniature sculpture, from etchings and drawings to films and performances, their work together and individually examines contemporary politics and morality with characteristic irreverence and profoundly caustic humor. Edited by the artists themselves, Flogging a Dead Horse is the most definitive monograph on the brothers' work to date. With more than 300 reproductions of every major piece recorded in their career, the book captures the extraordinary detail of their celebrated dioramas, collects a vast archive of etchings, drawings, and watercolors, and draws on photographs of larger installations and exhibitions to present a comprehensive survey of twenty years of work-and to illuminate the monumental effort behind their projects. Designed by the Chapmans' longtime collaborators Fuel, and with original cover and slipcase art made for the project by Dinos Chapman, this book will stand as a collectible object in its own right.
Staat van het boekRedelijk — Bottom box and book bumped. Please ask for all available pictures.
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