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Dennis Hopper

Door R. and Sassen Fuchs

Dennis Hopper
RubriekAlgemeen Kunst
TitelDennis Hopper (a keen eye). Artist, Photographer, Filmmaker
AuteurFuchs, R. and Sassen, J.H.
BoektypePaperback met stofomslag
Jaar van uitgave2001
UitgeverijStedelijk Museum/ Nai, Amsterdam/Rotterdam
BeschrijvingNum. (col./ photogr.) ills., orig. limp boards w. dustwr., folio; With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION to "Charlotte" and with a SIGNED picture postcard from the exhibition.; Gesigneerd
SamenvattingDennis Hopper (Dodge City, Kansas, 1936) is especially known for his work in films - among them Easy Rider, Out of the Blue and Colors - as both actor and director. This publication focuses on his visual art: paintings, photographs and assemblages produced from 1955 until now. That work has been influenced by Hopper's film work in all sorts of ways. He incorporates photographs and film stills into his paintings, often assembling separate pieces into diptychs and other multiple combinations. Rudi Fuchs and Jan Hein Sassen, director and curator of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, analyze Hopper's art, his involvement in the West-Coast art scene and the complex circumstances under which he has developed his versatile talents. Capturing the atmosphere of Dennis Hopper's artistic, social and personal landscape, the essays also give consideration to his contacts with other artists, such as Edward Kienholz, Richard Diebenkorn, Andy Warhol and Ed Ruscha. This book portrays the multifaceted nature of Hopper's artistry and the ambiguity of his image, which ranges from that of the tough, public cult figure to one of an intense and introspective painter.
Staat van het boekGoed — Dustwr. sl. frayed along edges frontside.
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