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Door Scott Faragher

RubriekAuto's & Autotechniek
TitelPorsche. The ultimate guide. Everything you need to know about every Porsche ever built
AuteurFaragher, Scott
Jaar van uitgave2005
UitgeverijKrause Publications
SamenvattingPorsche, with its open aerodynamic coupe body, exotic appearance and performance capabilities beyond that of a rmal passenger car, has become an icon in the transportation world; t only as a sports car, but also for the status and sexy image it brings to its owner. Following in the popular style of the new full-colour Standard Catalogs, Standard Catalog of [registered]Porsche features vehicle specifications, historical data, production information, and detailed descriptions for Porsche models from 1948 through 2004 - coverage includes all Porsche models. More than 250 crisp full-colour photographs provide enthusiasts with a fleeting glimpse of this explosive automobile. Collectors, dealers, enthusiasts - all will appreciate this resource featuring valuable pricing information for one of the sleekest machines to travel the road in the history of sports cars.
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