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Mat Irvine's Auto Modelling Masterclass

Door Mat Irvine

Mat Irvine's Auto Modelling Masterclass
TitelMat Irvine's Auto Modelling Masterclass
AuteurIrvine, Mat
BoektypeGebonden hardcover
Jaar van uitgave1998
UitgeverijCompendium Publishing
SamenvattingAt one time, assembling model kit cars was considered a childish hobby. Today, however, it is an adult activity with a vast following around the world. Subsequently, a large cottage industry has developed to supply the demands of modellers who want more than kit manufacturers can supply. Written in an easy-to-read style, this book's chapters address each of the following: -- A history of the model car industry -- The practicalities of modelling, from assembling a basic kit to super-detailing (i. e., adding engine wiring, brake lines, and "chrome") -- Painting and finishing -- Creating dioramas -- Renovating old kits and collecting rare ones Although Mat Concentrates on the most popular 1:25 and 1:32 scales, all of the information included is relevant to other scales. And it will be of interest to the novice and experienced modeller alike; the former will learn useful skills, while the latter will hone skills already gained. A gallery of photos showing Mat's finest models provides inspiration and ideas for all modellers.
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