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Red Sonja Omnibus Volume 4

Door Eric Trautmann

Red Sonja Omnibus Volume 4
TitelRed Sonja Omnibus Volume 4: She-devil With a Sword
AuteurTrautmann, Eric
Jaar van uitgave2013
UitgeverijDynamic Forces Inc
SamenvattingRed Sonja, the She-Devil with A Sword, must rely on her strong sword arm, quick wits, and steadfast allies to survive an epic journey through three kingdoms, each one a roiling snakepit of old grudges, ancient magicks, and arcane sciences! Employed as mercenaries, Sonja's ragtag band first arrive in the city-state of Persemhia, where their quest for a hidden prize delivers them into a bloody war of nations. Amid the intrigue of rival families and the onslaught of bloodthirsty hordes, the unflinching heroine fights not only for profit and glory, but to protect her new friends from harm... especially when they fall victim to the scheming witch, Azenathi. Seeking the cursed Horn of Negal as ransom, Red Sonja charges headlong into the lair of her greatest adversary yet: a deadly doppelganger who shares her form, mirrors her martial skill, and knows no mercy!
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