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Dawn Volume 2

Door Joseph Michael Linsner

Dawn Volume 2
TitelDawn Volume 2: Return Of The Goddess
AuteurLinsner, Joseph Michael
Jaar van uitgave2009
UitgeverijImage Comics
SamenvattingBridget, a young witch, takes her own life rather than fall prey to the enemies pursuing her. With her last breath, she summons Dawn, the goddess of birth and rebirth, the goddess she and other witches pray to. It's too late for Bridget, but Dawn finds her best friend Mary, another goddess worshipper and a teenage mother. Hunted by the same mysterious forces that have been systematically exterminating the other witches, Mary is in shock as her Goddess manifests herself and explains that she's gonna get to the bottom of the death of her followers. Lucifer, Prince of Lies, and Ahura-Mazda, Master of Heaven, may try to bar Dawn's path with treachery and swords, but neither Heaven nor Hell is safe from Dawn's quest for answers - and for bloody vengeance! Fan-favorite Joseph Michael Linsner's beautifully painted, full-color artwork exquisitely illustrates this tale of religious freedom and awesome fantasy adventure. The second in the Dawn series of graphic novels, Return of the Goddess can also serve as a stand-alone read.
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