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Toyota MR2

Door Brian Long e.a.

Toyota MR2
RubriekAuto's & Autotechniek
TitelToyota MR2. Coupe & Spyders 1984-2007
AuteurLong, Brian & Tadashi Nakagawa (Foreword)
Jaar van uitgave2013
UitgeverijVeloce Publishing Ltd
SamenvattingThe MR2 started life as the SV-3 concept car, introduced at the 1983 Tokyo Show. By the middle of the following year, the first production models were filtering into Japanese showrooms, but they didn't stay there for long: the MR2 was an instant hit, and demand soon outstripped supply. This definitive history of the MR2 Coupes and Spyders includes nearly 400 photos and illustrations, a wealth of technical detail, and chronicles its development from concept car to production car enjoying worldwide critical acclaim.
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