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Making Decisions about Children

Door H. Rudolph Schaffer

Making Decisions about Children
TitelMaking Decisions about Children. Psychological Questions and Answers - second edition
AuteurSchaffer, H. Rudolph
Jaar van uitgave1998
UitgeverijBlackwell Publishing
Samenvatting This is a fully updated and revised edition of a book that bridges the gap between research and practice in the field of child and family psychology. It is addressed to all those professional people - psychologists, psychiatrists, family lawyers, social workers - who are responsible for arriving at decisions about children, and who require access to an information base provided by research from which they can derive guidelines for action. Making Decisions About Children therefore summarises our knowledge of the sorts of issues that are of concern of those working with children including the effects of maternal employment and of divorce, the implications of different family types and the comparative fitness of men and women as parents. A number of new issues are added to the second edition, dealing with such matters as the effects of marital conflict, the development of anti - social behaviour and the consequences of physical punishment. The book bridges the gap between research and practice, and will therefore prove to be an invaluable resource to students, academics and professionals alike in a wide range of disciplines.
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